Solar Powered Homes

We offer a complete range of solar systems for every home. Ranging from Small apartments to Large Estates

Solar Boreholes

We use Electricity generated by Solar to power Boreholes and wells for sustainable water supply

Solar Street Lights

No need for Generators or Cables. Be able to power your street lights with energy from the Sun

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Why Choose D-TECH Solar

Reduce / Eliminate Electricity Bills

Whether you’re a Homeowner or have a Business. Fuel / Diesel cost, takes up a big part of your monthly expenses. Going solar will reduce this expenses and save you money in the long run. .

We Design to Fit your Energy Needs

There is no one size fits all with energy requirements. Your request will be met with a solid plan to estimate your energy needs and a well designed system that suits your need.

Enjoy 24-Hours Power Supply

A Well planned Solar System guarantees constant and reliable electricity. Get ready to enjoy the peace of mind and increase in productivity this will bring to your life.

After Sales Services / Maintenance

We guarantee customers full product support services, covering all operational stages, from installation to commissioning and long-term maintenance and repair.s

Who We Are

Integrated Services And Solutions For Industry

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Energy Generated



Site Installations



How it Works


Call, WhatsApp or Contact us through the contact page. We set up a meeting regarding your energy needs.

Site Survey

An Engineer will visit the proposed site to carry out a survey to put space and environmental factors into consideration.

Energy Auditing

An estimation of your energy needs will be measured and this will be the basis for our design calculation as regarding system sizing.


After quotation is approved and payment confirmed installation commences immediately.

Some D-TECH Solar Powered Project

About D-TECH Solar

We are a leading solar energy company in Nigeria with a focus on harvesting the power from the Sun and converting it to Electrical Energy with which to power your appliances.

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